Ambrose "Rose" Arlidien

Powerful sorcerer stripped of his magic


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Morrows.
Occupation: Sorcerer (formerly), adventurer (formerly).
Weapon: Lightning Axe, Storm Shield, Electric Tricorn, Black Iron Armor.
Status: Alive.
Location: The Morrows.


Ambrose was born in the Morrows, the product of a union between two powerful wizards. Fearful of his great arcane power, the King of the Morrows placed a lock on him that prevented him from accessing his magic. He began a great journey to restore his arcane power. (More details)

Ambrose’s journey eventually took him to Rheilvalt in the Elemental Chaos, where he joined a party of adventurers and agreed to retrieve the Water Orb for Alraii. As they explored the Temple of the Marids, he became suspicious that the Efreet Empire had killed the marids interred there, and that they were being used as pawns for a grander scheme. When asked, Alraii explained he was a museum curator seeking the Water Orb for display. Ambrose handed over the Water Orb in exchange for money and a minor wish: to have access to a personal demiplane for storage.

Ambrose accompanied the adventurers to the City of Brass, where he spent the day shopping for magic items. While he was out, Rakarn and Louis Fisher agreed to retrieve the Earth Orb for Alraii, and roped the other adventurers into the mission. Ambrose begrudgingly accompanied them to the Shattered Mountain and then to Irdoc Morda. He attuned himself to the Earth Orb upon its capture. When the group was attacked by Bashamgurda and Alraii, Ambrose knocked out Alraii with a sleeping potion and used the Earth Orb to help destroy Bashamgurda. He then gave the Earth Orb to Alraii in exchange for a major wish: the return of his great arcane power. Ambrose returned to the mortal world with Louis, Durza, and Mraena, then split off from them to challenge the King of the Morrows.

Ambrose "Rose" Arlidien

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