Earth elementalist from a clan of killers


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Assassin (formerly), adventurer.
Implements: Orb of Dreams, Skull Mask, staff.
Status: Deceased.
Location: Temple of Morimi.


Arktos was born into a a secret society of assassins in the mountains near Solspire. The clan held the secrets of elemental earth magic, which they used to carry out covert operations and killings. Each wore heavy chains to symbolize the bonds between themselves and their targets. On one mission, Arktos was made to kill his good friend, who had begun to question the clan’s authority. Afterwards, Arktos began to doubt the clan’s way of life. Donning a suit of chains to remind himself of his lost friend, Arktos fled the clan and escaped into the Sun Kingdom at large.

Arktos eventually arrived in Rivertown, where he stayed for some days. After three murders were committed, he received a letter inviting him to the tavern. There, he met Louis Fisher, Durza, and Mraena. Suldaan hired them to investigate the Goblin Marshes, and the Rivertown Avengers were formed.

Arktos helped track Suldaan across the kingdom and uncover his scheme to bring about the Endless Night. At the sacred altar in the Temple of Morimi, Arktos successfully stunned Suldaan with a psychic attack, allowing Ahraz to escape with Suldaan’s planned sacrifice. Suldaan then set the animated armor of Sir Triam, wielding the Holy Blade of Morimi, on Arktos while he fought Louis, Durza, and Mraena. Arktos held out against the armor for some time, but sustained heavy wounds and collapsed. Suldaan then pounced on Arktos and drained his blood, killing him.

After Suldaan was defeated, Ahraz consecrated Arktos’ body, sparing him from the vampiric curse, and prayed to Morimi to resurrect him. However, Arktos refused to return to life, content to share the afterlife with his departed friend. He was then laid to rest with honors in the Temple of Morimi.


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