Deva reincarnated to slay Nemephobis


Race: Deva.
Homeland: Nordu Mountains.
Occupation: Adventurer.
Implement: Staff of Ruin, Exalted Relics (Lantern, Shawl).
Status: Alive.
Location: Spire of Knowledge.


Past lives

Nearly 200 years ago, one of Cain’s past lives was a valiant servant of the gods, and a defender of life and justice. He roamed the mortal world, battling fiends and undead wherever they arose. Eventually, his crusades took him to Lebexah, where he confronted Nemephobis, a mummy lord bringing fear and pestilence. Nemephobis proved too strong for the past life, and he was slain. His possessions were retrieved and brought to Ekyrge for safekeeping.

Cain’s next life chose not to engage Nemephobis. He lived out his lifetime far from Lebexah, allowing the mummy lord to continue plaguing the desert land. He died with disgrace. Whether out of shame, or due to time-bending shenanigans, the next life awoke with no memory of this history…


Cain was reincarnated with a great transgression hanging over his head. He awoke in an abandoned limestone shrine in the mountains – the same shrine from which Varienne created Eidolon. The Heroes of the Elemental Chaos took shelter in this shrine and encountered Cain, who joined their group looking for a purpose in life. In the glacial lair, or “glair,” of the yetis of Iceport, Cain found an ancient stone temple frozen within eons of ice. The architecture brought back flashes of memory, but did not reveal any clarifying details about his past. Cain accompanied the group back to the Sun Kingdom, then parted ways with them.

In the course of his research, Cain determined he had a connection to an ancient temple in the land of Ekyrge. To reach the temple, he boarded a steam-powered airship carrying salt to Ekyrge, where he was reunited with Durza.

Halfway through the voyage, the ship was attacked by Kukulkan. He used his telekinesis to draw her near the ship, allowing Durza and his new allies, the Ghostbusters, to bloody her and drive her off. He then followed Mansa’s instructions, donned a paraglider, and arrived in the Highlands for a new adventure.

Partial recollection

In Nianaqol, the capital city of the Highlands, Cain visited a history museum and saw a display of Ekyrgean columns. The sight sparked his sudden recall of all his past lives at once, putting him into a comatose state for nearly two weeks.

When he awoke, he was in the Tomb of the Ancients, fighting Tohil and Ryloken. Cain helped defeat them, then proceeded through the tunnels of the giants, and back onto the surface of Mount Tohil, where the Ghostbusters were attacked by Kukulkan once more. Cain was badly wounded by her barrage of thunder and lightning, and vanished into the woods to recover his health. Once rested, he returned to the scene, jumped up to the wounded dragon, and killed her with one punch.

Cain then witnessed the discovery of the Prince and the revelation of his and Novie‘s true nature. Once they were gone, he returned to Nianaqol. Akhoza attempted to inquire about the Prince’s whereabouts with him, but he failed to recognize her entirely and boarded a ship for Ekyrge.


Cain accompanied the Ghostbusters from the Highlands to the coastal region of Ekyrge, and they arrived in the fishing village of Oystertown. There, they were beset by invisible aberrations and the townsfolk, who worshipped Ghezix. After some debate, the Ghostbusters sensed Qardash deeper in the temple, and Cain and Durza convinced them to stay and rid Oystertown of aberrations. Cain helped destroy Qardash and her attendants, and then translated the ancient Ekyrgean scripture written in the sea cave, telling the lore of Ghezix. He was unable to find a remedy for Alecc’s and Philip’s mental affliction from Ghezix, and their conditions worsened.

The Ghostbusters brought Alecc and Philip to the oracle Acarta for healing. During the ritual, Ghezix summoned undead minions from the sea to attack the Ghostbusters, including a monster that spread necrotic vermin. Joining with Philip, Cain telekinetically pulled the monster 100 feet into the air, then knocked it out of the sky, shattering it on the surface of the ocean. He then helped defeat the spirit of Ghezix.


The Ghostbusters then traveled to Sylo, the “gateway city” to the Inner Ekyrgean Islands, where they waited for a week for their travel papers to be approved. While killing time, Cain followed Tarrik and Thorvik Umbermire as they discovered Kotero had entered Sylo ahead of them.

Along with the other Ghostbusters, Cain followed the guards and discovered a murdered kenku and blood circle, which he expertly analyzed. He concluded the circle had summoned Narbosa to besiege the city at noon. Cain helped Muon evacuate Sylo’s residents to shelters. He then joined Thorvik’s strike force to fly into the infernal army and slay Narbosa. Cain singlehandedly scattered Narbosa’s personal guard with telekinesis, then continued to harry her subordinates and keep them from assisting her. Once she was slain, he rescued Philip and retreated from the battlefield.

Suspecting that Narbosa’s attack was a diversion, Thorvik bid the Ghostbusters investigate places of importance around Sylo that might be vulnerable to attack. They arrived at the Sylo Guardhouse, where they confronted Kotero and Acidulus, who unleashed several blood monsters. Cain teleported himself up to a nearby balcony and slung psychic attacks at the monsters from cover. As Acidulus and Kotero fled, he set off a series of psychic bombs that killed Kotero and dragged Acidulus, repeatedly, into the clutches of Kotero’s blood ooze. The Ghostbusters soon destroyed the blood ooze and took Acidulus prisoner, turning him over to Thorvik’s custody.

The Ghostbusters soon discovered the carnage left by the “Blood Brothers”, whom Cain recognized as the Brotherhood of Blood from a past life. Thorvik then put Sylo on lockdown to find the Brotherhood, further impeding Cain’s pilgrimage. While stuck here, he participated in a citywide blood drive, discovering his divine blood was compatible with all types. The Brotherhood soon announced they had stolen blood from the blood drive, and held the city hostage to secure transport to the Inner Ring. The Ghostbusters convinced Thorvik to hide them aboard the ship, to ambush the Brotherhood en route.

Cain served as lookout for the Ghostbusters, waiting until they had left Sylo behind, then signaled Philip to begin the ambush. He then swooped down and entered the captain’s cabin to fight Valiff Bloodcurser, staggering him with mental assaults that kept him from casting effective spells. Cain then grabbed the wizard and yanked him overboard, plunging dozens of feet into the ocean, to drown him. Thom the Drummer attempted to save Valiff, but Cain telekinetically flung her out of the water before flying out himself. She then fled, abandoning Valiff to the waters.

Quest for the Relics

The surviving party members brought the ship to the Celestial Temple, where a creed of devas helped Cain resurrect Alecc and Tarrik. The devas then informed Cain of his past lives, his destiny to slay Nemephobis, and the location of the relics within the Inner Ring. He helped the party bust the Cult of the Elemental Eye, and then brought Tarrik and Philip with him to search for his relics. They found the Silverflame Lantern in a hydra’s lair on the Island of Monsters, and the Golden Shawl in a deep pond in the Hidden Greens. He then trained in the Grand Colosseum with the trio.

Cain, Tarrik, and Philip rejoined Durza at the Spire of Knowledge, where Durza had been researching stars and outer space. His research sparked Cain’s past memories of the star Caiphon, whose star spawn caused the ancient elven empire to disintegrate. A note summoned the group to meet at 4:13 AM in a specific aisle to learn more secrets. Cain read romance novels until the appointed time. There, scholars appeared and admitted they were servants of Vecna, whom Cain recognized as the god of both secrets and undead. Cain grew hostile, and combat broke out, in which the party emerged victorious. Cain and Tarrik then interrogated the surviving servants of Vecna, learning several secrets about the Brotherhood of Blood and Nemephobis.


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