Chilgun Swampblood

Sentient swarm of bugs obsessed with Lightning Skiff


Race: BUGS.
Homeland: Unknown.
Occupation: Adventurer, prophet (formerly).
Implement: Staff, Lightning Skiff.
Status: Alive.
Location: Orc Island.


Elemental Chaos

Chilgun took up residence in a Lightning Skiff in the Elemental Chaos. San Holo used the skiff to flee Habba the Jutt, landing it in Rheilvalt and paying Rakarn to pilot it as far away from the Riverweb as possible. Rakarn brought his party of adventurers on board, and they met Chilgun in transit.

Chilgun proved unhelpful during their visit to the City of Brass, piloting the skiff to break free of its mooring and cause havoc in the city, nearly being brought down by fire archon police before he destroyed them. When he landed, Rakarn reported Chilgun to the police for stealing his craft, and Chilgun was dragged away. Chilgun escaped his captors and helped Rakarn fend off Penumbra, and Rakarn begrudgingly accepted him as a teammate.

During the fight against Bashamgurda, Chilgun bonded himself to the Fire Orb and used its power to help destroy him. He then gave it up to Alraii in exchange for a wish: to be reunited with his Lightning Skiff, which was abandoned at the Shattered Mountain.

The False Prophet

Chilgun rode the skiff into the mortal world and crash-landed on a tropical island, where a tribe of orcs came to revere him as a god. Chilgun raised one orc as his apprentice and adoptive son, only for that orc to betray him, stealing his Lightning Skiff and ousting him from the island.

Chilgun raged across the mortal world until he encountered the Heroes of the Elemental Chaos again in the Nordu Mountains. Louis Fisher distracted Chilgun with fireworks and convinced him they would help him find the skiff, and Chilgun rejoined the group for another adventure in Iceport.

Chilgun later left the party to challenge his prodigal son. After years of preparation, he fought his way through the island of orcs, using the skills he had learned while abroad, and dueled the false prophet in a vicious conflict. Chilgun emerged victorious, and prepared to claim his beloved Lightning Skiff as his prize. At that moment, Avandra whisked the Lightning Skiff away in a beam of light, granting it to the Anti-Cult Cult in Ekyrge to stop the Brotherhood of Blood’s evil designs.

Nemesis Gauntlet

In despair, Chilgun raged across the Great Sea of Celestia for two days before he saw the Lightning Skiff rocketing towards Antaria. He pursued, catching up to the vessel after it slowed down to look for Alecc, who had been dispatched by a goose. Chilgun forced them to land and wordlessly demanded the skiff. Durza vouched for him, and Chilgun joined the party on their quest to stop Furfur from destroying Behjat/Askadalian.

Seeing Furfur assaulting the city with an Abyssal thunderstorm, Chilgun aimed the Lightning Skiff at her and used his insect swarm to manipulate its controls, ramming it into her with incredible speed. Furfur and the skiff crashed in the Arcane University, and Chilgun helped fight her and her demons, conjuring a wall of stone and a monstrous moth. The moth quickly went up in Braxis’ flames, but managed to terrify Furfur with its flaming form before burning to dust. Chilgun was later flattened by one of Furfur’s lightning bolts. Once Furfur was defeated, Chilgun volunteered to help Ambrose Arlidien escort her to the Morrows, and transported them with his Lightning Skiff.

Once Ambrose and Furfur were dropped off at the Morrows, Chilgun drove the Lightning Skiff to Ekyrge and crashed it into the Church of Pelor, rejoining the Anti-Cult Cult for their final fight against the Brotherhood. When the priests of the evil deities offered boons, Chilgun was the only one to accept, taking Gruumsh’s offer of increased savagery with his attacks on exposed enemies. In the Celestial Temple, he was knocked down to the lower level, then dragged Zhon Ra down with him and encased him in a ten-foot wall of stone, trapping him thoroughly. Pathogen then slipped into the cave with phasing and ate Zhon Ra alive while Chilgun watched. Astonished by this display, the high priestess of Gruumsh saw a valuable ally in Chilgun.


After the Brotherhood was defeated, Chilgun repaid Gruumsh by traveling to Orc Island and converting the orcs from the worship of the Lightning Skiff to the worship of Gruumsh, god of violence and conquest. Under his banner, the orcs militarized and began rampaging across the archipelago for glory and bloodlust.

He later joined Tarrik Ashmantle on the warlord’s quest to reunite his old band of mercenaries and bring them into the service of Bahamut.

Chilgun Swampblood

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