Young fiancee turned vampire


Race: Human (formerly), vampire.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Seamstress.
Status: Destroyed.

Ciidan was shorter than average, but made up for her lack of size with tremendous presence. She had a long neck that accentuated her beautiful face and curly hair. She had the power to transform into a bat.


Ciidan was born in Rivertown about 19 years ago, where she was raised by her mother, several aunts, and grandmother. She was a rambunctious child and was known to wander into the savanna as if seeking something elusive.

At age 18, she fell in love and was engaged to be married to a young man from a nearby village. However, she was killed in her sleep by Suldaan, who drained her blood. Her distraught family held a large funeral and buried her.

Three days later, she rose as a vampire beholden to Suldaan, alongside Baaris and Prevara. Suldaan led them to Rivertown Temple, where they murdered the acolytes and wounded Hurak. At this point, the Rivertown Avengers arrived and battled the vampires. Ciidan attacked Louis Fisher, who beheaded her with Orukan’s dragon-blade.


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