Reluctant savior of the world three times over


Race: Shadar-kai.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Thief, adventurer.
Equipment: Poisoned Dagger, Inescapable Crossbow, Force Rapier, Armor of Night, Enshrouding Candle.
Status: Alive.
Location: Crater of the Unknown.


The Sun Kingdom

For some years now, Durza has made a career of stealing from the rich and fighting social inequality. During one of his exploits, he was attacked by a young vampire. Their duel took them to a salt mill, and he accidentally spilled salt on its wounds, preventing its regeneration and allowing him to kill it.

Durza eventually arrived in Rivertown, where he stayed for some days. After three murders, he received a letter inviting him to the tavern that night. There, he met Louis Fisher, Mraena, and Arktos. Suldaan hired them to investigate the Goblin Marshes, and the Rivertown Avengers were formed.

Some time after defeating Suldaan, the Rivertown Avengers became aware of increased militarism and concerning movements among the gnolls, goblins, and lizardfolk, centered around the Scorched region to the south. Durza accompanied Mraena to investigate, sneaking behind enemy lines and discovering that someone was gathering an army of monsters together. Before they could report this, Durza and Mraena were attacked by the Beast of the Chaos Pit, and forced to flee into the Chaos Pit itself, which transported them into another world.

Elemental Chaos

Durza and Mraena emerged in the Riverweb of the Elemental Chaos, and made their way to Rheilvalt. Durza went along with a mission to retrieve the Water Orb for Alraii, but refused to sign Alraii’s contract, forfeiting his reward and wish.

Durza got his one wish – to escape the Elemental Chaos – after defeating Bashamgurda and winning Alraii’s favor. He, Mraena, and Louis (who had joined them along the way) returned to the mortal world.

The Highlands

Durza later boarded a steam-powered airship carrying salt to Ekyrge, looking for adventure, where he was reunited with Cain. Halfway through the voyage, Kukulkan attacked the airship. Durza helped to drive her off, then donned a paraglider and escaped the vessel with the Ghostbusters, arriving in the Highlands.

There, he helped to expose and defeat Suresh, restore Haru, and investigate the mysteries of Novie and the Seed. After finally slaying Kukulkan, he and the Ghostbusters found the missing Prince, who explained that Novie, the Seed, and himself all hailed from a foreign planet, before all three departed on a flying saucer.

Fascinated by the prospects of exploring other worlds, Durza considered seeking out Chilgun for his help, and begrudgingly invited Kit, Alecc, and Tarrik along on his quest.


Durza accompanied the Ghostbusters from the Highlands to the coastal region of Ekyrge, and they arrived in the fishing village of Oystertown, which proved to be infested with aberrations and enthralled to the worship of Ghezix. Durza and Cain convinced the Ghostbusters to stay and purge Oystertown of the aberrations. Durza was unable to perceive the aberrations and failed to hit them, until Philip spilled Ghezix’s blood onto them, allowing Durza to make mincemeat of them. He later examined Qardash‘s body, and proposed the Ghostbusters burn every aberration’s corpse to ash.

The Ghostbusters then brought Alecc and Philip, who were both infected with Ghezix’s influence, to the oracle Acarta of the Red Cliffs for her healing services. Durza distrusted the oracle, and remained outside. After a close call at the edge of the cliff, he spotted vermin-infested corpses climbing the cliffs, and called the Ghostbusters to drive them off. Once the spirit of Ghezix was revealed by Philip, Durza evaded its psychic rays and struck it hard, slicing off many of its eyes and allowing Philip to finish it.


The Ghostbusters then traveled to Sylo, the “gateway city” to the Inner Ekyrgean Islands, where they waited for a week for their travel papers to be approved. While killing time, Durza robbed thousands of gold from Sylo’s transients, then bought new weapons from Garwin’s Curiosities.

Along with the other Ghostbusters, Durza followed the guards and discovered a murdered kenku and blood circle, which had summoned Narbosa to besiege the city at noon. Durza joined Thorvik Umbermire’s strike force to fly into the infernal army and slay Narbosa. While there, Durza fought off the hive-mind devil Legion and landed several key hits on Narbosa, piercing her armor and allowing Tarrik to finish her. He then retreated from the battlefield.

Suspecting the attack might be a diversion, Thorvik bid the Ghostbusters investigate other places of import that might be vulnerable. Durza realized that the one place that would be low on guards during a citywide assault would be the Sylo Guardhouse itself, and led the Ghostbusters there, where they found Kotero and Acidulus stealing the Standard of Eternal Battle. Durza went after Kotero, who fled to an upper balcony and slung spells at him. He badly wounded Kotero before collapsing from blood rot. Philip later healed him with a potion, and he destroyed Kotero’s monstrous blood ooze. Kotero was killed in the conflict, but the Ghostbusters captured Acidulus and turned him over to Thorvik’s custody.

The Ghostbusters soon discovered the carnage left by the Brotherhood of Blood. The Brotherhood soon announced they had stolen blood from the blood drive, and held the city hostage to secure transport to the Inner Ring. The Ghostbusters convinced Thorvik to hide them aboard the ship, to ambush the Brotherhood en route. Durza hid in the rigging to get a good eye on the deck.

Halfway through the voyage, the Ghostbusters attacked. Durza took shots at Thom the Drummer, but his bolts were disrupted by her chaos magic, transmuting and transporting them in strange ways. After Ghesh Heskan beheaded Tarrik, Durza swung down from the rigging to flank him with Alecc, landing a blow, but not a particularly solid one. Ghesh then cleaved Alecc in two, leaving Durza to defend himself. He activated Suldaan’s Armor of Night and used its power to kite Ghesh with sneak attacks, wearing his health down. Ghesh attempted to retreat to a lifeboat, but Durza pursued him. In a final charge, Durza outpaced Ghesh, and stabbed his sword into the dragonborn’s neck, ending him. Durza then returned above-decks and restored Philip with a healing potion.

Inner Ring

After Alecc and Tarrik were resurrected, Durza split off from the party and traveled to the Spire of Knowledge to research outer space and means of space travel. He learned about the mysterious Crater of the Unknown in Antaria, as well as strange lights seen coming and going above Ekyrge, which the Inner Ring categorically denied. He also learned of malevolent stars that send star spawn to assault the world and destroy civilizations.

Cain, Tarrik, and Philip later rejoined Durza, and he swapped knowledge with them. A note summoned the party to learn more secrets at a specific aisle at 4:13 AM, where the party met servants of Vecna, god of secrets. The servants of Vecna offered secrets in exchange for the party’s help infiltrating the Spire’s facilities, which Cain refused to do, and combat broke out. Durza insisted on keeping the scholars alive for their information, and after emerging victorious, the party learned several secrets about the Brotherhood of Blood and Nemephobis from the scholars.

Nemesis Gauntlet

After confronting Thom and Zhon Ra on Tila Island, the party learned of impending schemes to destroy three realms: the Sun Kingdom, the Arcane Highlands, and Antaria. Durza accepted the blessings of the gods of good and accompanied the party to the Sun Kingdom, where they saved Akeko from being vampirized by Mbozi thanks to Durza’s swift skewering of the vampire.

At Mraena’s suggestion, the party searched the savannah for enemy movement, and intercepted the Army of the Black Tear at a choke point. Tarrik won an audience with Tharun and Masduuli, who explained their plans to scatter the humans into the wilds and secure a reliable blood source, and make the kingdom pay for the death of Sikari, respectively. Durza rebuked Tharun’s evil, regretting letting him go at Solspire, and promised not to make the same mistake again. Harried by Durza’s attacks from the tall grasses. Tharun attempted to flee, but Durza pursued and obliterated him with his Force Rapier. He then taunted Masduuli, blaming her for Orukan‘s death, and drawing her primal rage. Masduuli chased him across the savanna, nearly killing him, until Philip distracted her at a key moment and convinced her she’d slain Durza in an acid breath attack. Durza then fired on her from cover, helping to finally slay her.

Durza then traveled to the Highlands, which had been attacked by Rigmir‘s giants from within the Tomb of the Ancients. In the fight against Rigmir and his giants, Durza moved like a living shadow, slipping from cover to cover and waiting until his teammates had toppled Incephalos and Motus. He then stabbed Incephalos in both eyes and slit Motus’ throat, killing them.

Durza accompanied the party to Antaria, where he learned that Brotherhood loyalists had summoned Furfur to destroy the realm. He confronted Furfur while she was trying to destroy Behjat/Askadalian and demanded to know why she’d betrayed the world, to which she replied that power – the power to defeat and subjugate – was her only goal in life. Enraged, Durza attacked her, but she knew his movements well from fighting alongside him, and dodged most of his strikes with her overwhelming speed.

Eventually, Ambrose Arlidien summoned Alraii, against Durza’s wishes, and Philip sacrificed his sorcerous power to wish for Furfur’s demons to be made mortal. With Furfur restrained by Tarrik, Durza asked her to answer for her crimes. She apologized for fighting him, but made no apologies for attacking Antaria. To keep her in check, Ambrose recruited Furfur as a defender for his kingdom, and then opened a portal to Tila Island for the Anti-Cult Cult.

With the Anti-Cult Cult, Durza stepped through the portal and returned to Tila Island, where he saw the entire Inner Ring enclosed in a ring of fire. He immediately turned to exit through the portal, but it closed before him. The priests of the pantheon met to offer the Anti-Cult Cult guidance, and the priestess of Zehir offered Durza the ability to make unerringly lethal strikes from the shadows. He considered this powerful boon, but ultimately declined, as he would have later been expected to assassinate someone for Zehir.

In the battle of the Celestial Temple, Durza crept between the ruined walls, sniping Thom with well-placed crossbow shots. As his teammates, one by one, dropped down to the lower level to watch Zhon Ra be devoured by Pathogen, and Philip tried to negotiate with Thom, Durza attempted to wrestle her to the ground and kill her. Philip helped Thom evade him, for which he received Durza’s ire, as Durza did not believe she was worth sparing. Hiding himself with the Armor of Night, he backed off as Philip tried to make peace with Thom, then stabbed her in the back. She responded with an intense volley of Prismatic Lightning, which he barely dodged, and a glob of mercury that sheared a wall in two. Before Durza could finish her off, Philip gave Thom his Gargoyle Ring, and Alecc sealed her in a Resilient Sphere, trapping her for negotiations.


The priests of Pelor agreed to give Thom shelter, rehab, and therapy on Tila Island, where she could not hurt anyone else. The Anti-Cult Cult visited her once they were permitted, and Durza threatened her that if she ever escaped and murdered again, he would brutally maim and kill her. The priests advised him that this talk was not conducive to her recuperative therapy and suggested that he leave, which he did, once it became clear that she had no further information about Zhon Ra.

Durza then joined up with Kit to truly begin their quest to investigate space travel, in the hopes of reuniting with Novie. They investigated rumors of mysterious lights coming and going above the Inner Ring, in a manner consistent with vehicles, which the priests categorically denied. The priests of Avandra and Ioun eventually broke ranks and met with them, confirming that other planets existed and that some were ruled by primordials rather than gods, and granting them a mysterious key and directions to the Crater of the Unknown in Antaria.

Durza and Kit traveled to the Crater of the Unknown, where they encountered Rakarn, who was also investigating space travel. Together, they delved into the depths of the underground crater, and with the key, discovered and activated a massive spacefaring vessel capable of transporting a crew of adventurers to other worlds.


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