Tiny, adorable, terrifying, brutal, merciless demon


Race: Demon.
Homeland: The Abyss.
Occupation: Slave (formerly), adventurer (formerly), demon lord.
Weapons: Claws.
Status: Alive.
Location: Personal layer of the Abyss.


Furfur arose in the Abyss as a howling force of primeval destruction. At some point, she escaped the confines of that plane to wreak havoc upon the Elemental Chaos.

About 170 years ago, Furfur was arrested for violent murder in the City of Brass and sentenced to 100 years of slavery. The efreeti Dashim acquired her during this time and used her as a guard for his property. When her time was up, Dashim released her into the Elemental Chaos, where she continued to cause devastation.

Seeking a way to find his lord Ogremoch, Stick made contact with Furfur, who directed him to a portal to the Elemental Chaos. He joined her in Rheilvalt, where they joined a party of adventurers in making a deal to retrieve the Water Orb for Alraii. Furfur accompanied the adventurers on their subsequent adventures in the Elemental Chaos and killed several demons along the way, including Braxis, Gamigin, and Penumbra.

When Bashamgurda attacked the adventurers with the Elemental Orbs, Furfur wrested the Air Orb from his control, gaining the power to control storms and blasts, with which she helped to defeat him. She then gave the Air Orb over to Alraii in exchange for a wish: to have the powers of flight and weather control. After the rest of the adventurers departed, Alraii offered to grant Furfur a wish to return to the Abyss, free of charge, which Furfur accepted.

Once she returned to the Abyss, the demons she had slain in the Elemental Chaos manifested around her and pledged their loyalty to her, by right of conquest. Gamigin proposed conquering a layer of the Abyss, but Furfur instead set her sights on the mortal world…


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