Wise, reticent warrior cursed with sick rhymes


Race: Goliath.
Homeland: Nordu Mountains.
Occupation: Lumberjack (formerly), adventurer (formerly), mayor of Blackstone.
Weapon: Maul.
Status: Alive.
Location: Blackstone.


At some point, Grock was cursed by a witch to speak only in poetry. Since he is not particularly good at poetry, this means he does not usually speak.

Grock was in the Nordu Mountains when the Rivertown Avengers arrived there from the Elemental Chaos. He signed on with their group to try and find a way to break his curse, and helped them navigate the mountains.

In Blackstone, Grock noticed something amiss about the villagers’ fealty to Eidolon some time before the rest of the group. When they challenged the devil responsible, Varienne, Grock turned the fury of the earth against them, slamming them into the ground and mercilessly crushing them with his maul. He then stayed in Blackstone to help the townsfolk rebuild, eventually being elected mayor for his good works.


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