Louis Fisher

Honorable protector of the weak, slayer of Suldaan


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Fireworks apprentice (formerly), adventurer (formerly), defender of the Sun Kingdom.
Weapons: Dragon-Acid Blade (formerly), Force Gauntlet, Sunblade.
Status: Alive (resurrected).
Location: Solspire.


Louis was born to Susan Fisher, a humble fireworks maker in a small village. Early in his childhood, his father died heroically while defending the village from a monster. Louis learned how to craft and operate fireworks from his mother (although a mishap cost him the use of his eye), and resolved to become a hero in his father’s image.

Louis eventually arrived in Rivertown, where he stayed for some days. After three murders, he received a letter inviting him to the tavern that night. There, he met Durza, Mraena, and Arktos. Suldaan hired them to investigate the Goblin Marshes, and the Rivertown Avengers were formed.

When Louis discovered Suldaan had betrayed the group and attacked Rivertown Temple, he became enraged with a righteous fury, and resolved to destroy him. His initial attempt resulted in a humiliating defeat, in which Suldaan crushed his will and ordered him to stand still while he escaped. Louis directed the Rivertown Avengers to eliminate the remaining vampires, then pursue Suldaan to put an end to his treachery. In the Temple of Morimi, Louis wielded one of Ganya’s gauntlets and destroyed Suldaan permanently.

A year later, Louis was going about his daily life when he was suddenly whisked into the Elemental Chaos by a wish Mraena had made with Alraii. Louis adjusted quickly to the group that Mraena and Durza had joined, and accompanied them on Rakarn’s quest to obtain the Earth Orb. After defeating Bashamgurda, Louis was granted a wish by Alraii, and wished for the restoration of his wounded eye. He, Durza, and Mraena then returned to the mortal world.

Years after that, Louis accompanied Mraena to the Caves of Treachery to track down Akeko, who had gone missing. They found the Anti-Cult Cult fighting a band of goblins, and saved Akeko from the clutches of Mbozi, heralding a reemergence of the vampires. Louis assigned Akeko a security detail and prepared to defend the realm from vampires once more.

Louis and Mraena strategized that a surprise attack might be imminent, and the party intercepted the Army of the Black Tear marching towards Solspire. Louis engaged Masduuli with Orukan’s blade, sparking her rage at the sight of the weapon. She tore into him with tooth and claw, felling him and shattering the blade, before leaving him to die in a pool of her scalding blood. Mraena later recovered his body, bringing him back to Solspire to be resurrected. She did not notice Tarrik Ashmantle loot one of his Force Gauntlets for his own use.

Louis Fisher

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