High Priestess of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


Race: Dwarf.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Adventurer (formerly), High Priestess of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Weapons: Medic’s Mace, wooden spear.
Status: Alive (resurrected).
Location: Caves of Treachery.


Sun Kingdom

Mraena was raised in the mountains near Solspire by a community of peace-loving worshipers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, an entity representing the combined good will of the gods. As she grew older, she began to question her faith, and set out on a journey to prove her relation to her deity.

Mraena eventually arrived in Rivertown, where she stayed for some days. After three murders, she received a letter inviting her to the tavern that night. There, she met Louis Fisher, Durza, and Arktos. Suldaan hired them to investigate the Goblin Marshes, and the Rivertown Avengers were formed.

Over the course of their journey, Mraena became convinced that the Flying Spaghetti Monster was looking over her. In the Temple of Morimi, Mraena was the one to kill Ganya, and challenged Suldaan with the same zeal. However, Suldaan trapped her within a shroud of gloom and drained her blood, killing her. After Louis killed Suldaan, Ahraz consecrated Mraena’s body and restored her to life. She became the High Priest of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which was now a respected deity in the Sun Kingdom.

Elemental Chaos

Some time after defeating Suldaan, the Rivertown Avengers became aware of increased militarism and concerning movements among the gnolls, goblins, and lizardfolk, centered around the Scorched region to the south. Mraena went to investigate, along with Durza, sneaking behind enemy lines and discovering Masduuli‘s plot to gather an army of monsters. Before she could take action, Mraena and Durza were attacked by the Beast of the Chaos Pit. At Mraena’s suggestion, they fled into the Chaos Pit itself, which transported them into another world.

Mraena and Durza emerged in the Riverweb of the Elemental Chaos, and made their way to Rheilvalt. Mraena agreed to retrieve the Water Orb for Alraii in exchange for a wish. When the deal was done, she wished Louis were with her and Durza, transporting him to the Elemental Chaos. Mraena helped retrieve the Earth Orb and kill Bashamgurda, then returned to the mortal world with Louis and Durza. Now aware of Masduuli’s plot, they were able to keep the armies of the Scorched at bay and secure an uneasy peace for the Sun Kingdom.

Brotherhood of Blood

After some years of peace, Akeko abruptly disappeared, and Mraena received a premonition leading her to the Caves of Treachery. She brought Louis with her, and they arrived just in time to aid the Anti-Cult Cult against a host of goblin warriors. The party found Akeko enthralled by the vampire Mbozi, whom they promptly smote. Mraena then admonished Akeko for getting lured in by the promise of historical artifacts.

Mraena and Louis hypothesized that Mbozi’s trap was meant to set up a devastating attack on the Sun Kingdom, and that the engineers of that attack, might be moving even now. The party intercepted the Army of the Black Tear marching across the savannah, and confronted Tharun and Masduuli, who had been unnaturally aged into an elder dragon. Mraena’s cleansing spells kept the party safe from Masduuli’s acidic gloom. After Masduuli killed Louis and seemingly killed Durza, she focused her attacks on Mraena, blinding her with a glob of acid, but Mraena remained strong. Once Masduuli was slain, Mraena recovered Louis’ body and returned to Solspire, to have her sight and Louis’ life restored.


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