Powerful elementalist with big ambitions


Ogremoch tried his hardest, but he couldn’t me. Unfortunately, I also couldn’t kill him…

Race: Human (part-elemental).
Homeland: Antaria.
Occupation: Adventurer, associate of Ben-Hadar.
Weapons: Tooth of Cryonax, Four Elemental Orbs (formerly).
Status: Alive.
Location: Crater of the Unknown.


Early life

During his adolescence, Rakarn came to despise Ogremoch and Imix. He concluded Ben-Hadar, Prince of Elemental Water, was not doing enough to stop their evil agenda, and aspired to usurp Ben-Hadar and destroy the Princes of Elemental Evil. To that end, he set out on a quest for ultimate elemental power.

Early in his career, Rakarn joined an adventuring party in the town of Anomeru and fought against the Cult of the Skull Lord in the Cave of Three Skulls. He later found the Tooth of Cryonax, a shard of the Evil Prince of Elemental Ice, which vastly increased his elemental power. Using the tooth to guide him, Rakarn eventually found his way into the Elemental Chaos.

Quest for the Elemental Orbs

Rakarn learned of the Water Orb hidden in the Temple of the Marids and made his way there, where he encountered and allied with the Heroes of the Elemental Chaos. In the battle against Gamigin for the Water Orb, he turned the tide by teleporting Gamigin out of the water and onto a platform, allowing a volley of attacks. The Heroes gave the Water Orb to Alraii, but Rakarn desired to steal it back.

After obtaining a stolen Lightning Skiff (for which he was later pursued by Penumbra, who mistook him for San Holo), Rakarn dragged the Heroes to the City of Brass, where he led Louis Fisher, the only other adventurer whom Alraii had not met, to gain an audience with Alraii. Rakarn fast-talked Alraii and agreed to a contract to retrieve the Earth Orb, in exchange for the brief use of it and the Water Orb. Having learned of the other four Elemental Orbs, Rakarn desired to obtain all four of them from Alraii.

Rakarn’s scheme was interrupted by Bashamgurda, who held three of the four orbs and sought to retrieve the Earth Orb from the Heroes. During the conflict, Rakarn attuned himself to the Water Orb, and used it to help kill Bashamgurda. Alraii asked him to hand it over in exchange for a wish. Instead, Rakarn strong-armed Alraii into lending him the other three Elemental Orbs, promising only to use them for good. He then wished to be transported to the domain of Ogremoch to defeat the Prince of Elemental Earth.

Rakarn engaged Ogremoch in combat with the four Elemental Orbs in a battle lasting many days. Unfortunately, even with the orbs, he could not match the might of a primordial prince. Ogremoch struck him down with the force of a dozen falling mountains, shattering the four Elemental Orbs, and nearly killing Rakarn. As Ogremoch prepared to finish the job, Ben-Hadar intervened, whisking Rakarn into his elemental realm.

Quest for other worlds

In the realm of Ben-Hadar, Rakarn was healed from his mortal injuries over several years by infusing his body with elemental water and ice, rendering him part-elemental. He learned humility from his defeat and gained more respect for Ben-Hadar, turning over a new leaf as he accepted missions from the Prince of Elemental Water.

After ten years, Rakarn was sent to stop Furfur’s assault on Behjat/Askadalian, and transported to the mortal world. He encountered Pathogen on his journey across Antaria, and joined with him to find Furfur fighting in the Arcane University. In the ensuing battle, Rakarn froze Gamigin with elemental ice and dueled Penumbra to a standstill.

When Ambrose Arlidien summoned Alraii to defeat the demons, Rakarn hid behind Penumbra, knowing Alraii would have his head for his previous swindling. Afterwards, Penumbra made peace with Rakarn and fled. Rakarn volunteered to accompany Ambrose and Furfur to the Morrows, murmuring that he had time to spare before his next big plan…

Rakarn began to investigate travel to other worlds, eventually arriving at the Crater of the Unknown in Antaria. Durza and Kit Beerspinner arrived soon thereafter, with a key and directions to within the crater. Rakarn joined them in venturing underground, where they uncovered a massive, magical vehicle capable of transporting a crew of adventurers to other planets.


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