Delusional worshiper of Ogremoch


Race: Kobold.
Homeland: Unknown.
Occupation: Village chief (formerly), adventurer (formerly), champion of Ogremoch.
Weapons: Porcupine cloak, dagger, obsidian heart of Ghadab.
Status: Deceased.
Location: Irdoc Morda.


Entering the Elemental Chaos

Stick was born some 20-odd years ago in the mortal world to a tribe of kobolds that worshiped Ogremoch as the provider of land and earth, unaware that he was the evil prince of elemental earth. Filled with religious zeal, he desired to someday meet Ogremoch and become his champion. To that end, Stick contacted the demon Furfur, who directed him to a portal to the Elemental Chaos.

Stick joined Furfur in Rheilvalt, where he asked about the teachings of Ogremoch and was widely rebuked. Along with the other Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, he agreed to retrieve the Water Orb for Alraii in exchange for a wish. When the time came, Stick wished to be transported to the domain of Ogremoch. Alraii hesitated, but Stick insisted, and Alraii granted his wish.

Cult of Ogremoch

Alraii transported Stick to the Four Peaks, where Ogremoch was bound. He attempted to break the mighty chains binding his god, but his attack was deflected by their divine power. The Cult of Ogremoch found him and inducted him into their ranks, teaching him to control elemental earth through dangerous trials.

When his training was complete, Stick was sent with a cohort of gargoyles to retrieve the Earth Orb from the Shattered Mountain. He mortally wounded the dao guardian and brought the Earth Orb to Irdoc Morda, where he met with Kharrus. The Heroes of the Elemental Chaos attempted to steal the Earth Orb, and Stick joined Kharrus in fighting them. Durza tried to convince Stick he was mistaken about Ogremoch, but to no avail. When Kharrus was slain, its body collapsed onto Stick, killing him.


Stick’s saga was closely followed by Rigmir and the other giants imprisoned beneath the Highlands. After his death, he was immortalized in their carvings depicting him claiming the Earth Orb.


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